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...not the publicity shots...

...a lot of these are in-jokes; I apologize in advance...

Ivanova and Draal

Draal points out the blotch of spaghetti sauce on Ivanova's dress uniform.


Delenn is introduced to the glories of mid-twentieth-century music, when Sheridan admits his passion for such bands as Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead.

Garibaldi and Ivanova

This is the last time Garibaldi eats anything that comes from a place called "Sodexho Marriott."

Sheridan and Garibaldi

A rare peek into what our heroes do when they're not out saving the galaxy from the Shadows: sneaking into movie theaters.


Susan recieves bad news about the state of her coiffure.

Ivanova and Sheridan

Ivanova describes Mike O'Mara for Sheridan, who seems to be the only one around who doesn't know who he is.


Ivanova wakes from a nightmare in which she took two hours to do a website on her favorite fictional television drama instead of writing her thesis like she was supposed to.

Lennier and Garibaldi

Garibaldi, looking in a security mirror, wonders whether the guy behind him is a Klingon or a Wookie.


It's a bird... it's a plane... it's Super-Narn?

Ivanova, Marcus and Lennier

In Valen's Name! I can't think of a cutline for this one!

Marcus and Ivanova

Susan: Is that...?
Marcus: Quick, let's go before he sees us.

Sheridan and Ivanova

She blinded me with science.


John Sheridan finds out how his stocks in Shadowtech are doing.

Ivanova and Sheridan

Ivanova and Sheridan engage in a bit of Sodexho-Marriott bashing before they're forced to eat spoo burritos.

Sheridan and a Minbari apparition

Little Johnnie learns the truth about who Santa Claus -really- is, and why he needed that milk: to make his headbone nice and strong.


I can recognize a publicity shot at five meters away, and this is a publicity shot.

Ivanova and Sinclair

Garibaldi just told them that the Dodgers finally won the pennant.

The One

I'm running out of funny cutline ideas... really, I am. I can't think of a durned thing for this photo. Ah, well. Too bad.