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1. Who is Karen?

An imperfect product of the abortive DieuGen Project on Rigel V, Entity K-1 is currently a Terran ex-patriate based on Laramie Station. A writer and former cyberite, K-1 is one of the last Entities in existence. Ceaselessly pursued by Rigellian bounty hunters, K-1 escaped to Terran amnesty in 2892, using her extraordinary ability to timewalk in order to locate others of her kind that may be trapped in the fabric of spacetime.

2. Really. Who is Karen?

Karen is a twenty-year old college junior with orange hair. (update: Karen no longer has orange hair as of 2.26.01, because of a trip to the JC Penney Styling Salon.)

3. Why the orange hair?

A mishap involving Feria Chocolate Cherry and L'Oreal Super-Blondissemes.

4. What does Karen study in college?

English, with a concentration in Professional Writing and a minor in Religious Studies. That means, she studies writing, linguistics, and religion.

5. English?! What the heck is she going to do with an English degree?

Anything she wants. Most likely, write for a living. She's interested in the field of public relations or publishing, and hopes to some day earn a comfortable existence working somewhere. If she doesn't do that, then she's going to be the second J. Michael Straczynski.

6. What made her want to be an English major in the first place?!

The fact that getting up for an 8:30 class called "Shakespeare: Tragedies and Last Plays" seemed pretty appealing to her. And she writes well.

7. What secret insidious honor societies does Karen belong to?

Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau Delta, and the College Honors Program.

8. What is the most distinguishing feature of Karen's dorm room?

Books, books, everywhere, and not a minute to read. Books on writing theory. Books on rhetoric. Books on literary commentary. And not to even start mentioning those books on strange philosophical systems. She also has a funny Escher-type poster tacked to her wall that entertains everyone that glances at it for hours at a time. Her parents also gave her a purple sparkle lamp for Christmas, which is, in reality, her cybritic connection back to Laramie Station. She also has two guitars.

9. What does Karen do at school when she's not studying?

Other than discussing religion over espresso or Jack Daniels, Karen is a late-night DJ at her college radio station and enjoys going to coffeehouses, clubs, Friendly's, bowling alleys, and concerts in the Rochester area. She also enjoys aggravating her developing case of carpal tunnel by writing science-fiction stories, increasing her stack of funny quotes by attending retreats with the New Campus Ministry, and writing songs with Ania, who will be performing at Nazareth College's Take Back The Night, for those of you who are interested.

10. Ok, but what does she do when she's at home?

When she's home, she usually hangs out too much with friends at local pool halls, diners and playgrounds, and is an incessantly happy theater person involved with directing, stage management and other backstage things with
a local theater troupe. She enjoys taking impromptu road trips at random hours of the night and works forty hours a week either as a secretary or a bookseller, depending on which break you're talking about.

11. Can she help me find my favorite book? I don't know the title or the
author, but the cover is blue.

Karen advises that you never ask this question, or a variant on this
question, of a bookseller, for fear of the Wrath of The Great Maker.

12. She does so much! Does she even have time for a job?

Karen currently works as a publications intern in her college's Public Relations department. Although she loves her job to death, that means she doesn't get any money. To earn a rather paltry but incredibly satisfying sum, Karen teaches grammar and invention strategies at her college's Writing Center.

13. What does she spend that money on?

Mostly, she spends her money on her beautiful '90 Stanza, whose original pipes, parts and circuitry have chosen this moment in her life to go haywire. Other that, she can spend prodigious sums traveling and with her friends at Eastview Mall.

14. What instruments does Karen play?

Violin, guitar, and tinwhistle. She also sings with Ania, her very talented folk group. She also writes: that is, makes music with the English language.

15. Who are the Rigellians?

If you want to know, ask them yourself.

16. Karen wears a lot of weird clothing. Does she belong to a certain subculture?

Since entering a subculture would entirely limit her options of dress, Karen refuses to belong to any subculture on the face of the Earth other than the one that she's biologically predestined to join. She is too happy to be a goth and too morbid to be an aberandfitch chick. Although her tendency to wear spiked collars on one day and pink snowflake vests on the next may cause some purists alarm, Karen is a steadfast advocate of tolerance amongst all subcultures.

17. Who did she vote for in the 2000 Election?

Nader. Karen went Green Party across the board, including in the New York senator's election, where she did NOT vote for Hillary Clinton (so it's not her fault, dammit). Even though she likes a lot of things the Democrats say, she's a registered Republican, and when she's not asking herself if she should go Independent, she's deciding that politics is for the birds. Basically, she's politically neutral, even though she'll take either side in a jiffy for the chance to argue over it.

18. You didn't mention anything about a boyfriend. What's up with that?

Karen doesn't really have the time at the moment to expend on a boyfriend, and a relationship would be unfair to the other party. In the past, she has been informed that her extreme independence also blocks her from being appealing to the opposite sex. She would care, but she's too busy.

19. What band rocks the post-modern house?

Radiohead, of course.

20. Are you playing Twenty Questions with me?

No. I'm playing twenty-one questions.

21. Does Karen like science fiction?

Karen likes science fiction so much she owns Spock ears and could actually assemble a passable Delenn costume (without the headpiece, of course.)