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Kristin, Anita, Lynne, Jen, Julie, Michelle

Bananas in guitar cases, Bananas on chairs. Bananas in bags, bananas unawares.

From Urban Plunge. What did the Sisters think about all their bananas being used in strange, unorthodox ways?

Play that guitar with that banana...

Michelle and Mike

Aladdin's Restaurant in downtown Rochester. Greek food, humus, coffee, and half-and-half.

Yes, this is normal.

Cara and Shauna

They're not really evil, really they aren't.

Cara likes Abercrombie, and somewhere there's a great picture of her and I: she, Abercrombie. Me, Anticrombie.

They're both funny as all get-out although Cara doesn't have wet-tail.


Cara and Shauna

Road trip to Wegman's, in the beautiful Rochester springtime.

Shauna's an English major, like me. The English Department: full of wierd, strange, and wonderful people.

Shauna's one of them.

The New Campus Ministry

We're shakin' our groove thang on retreat at Mt. Savior Monastery, in rehearsal for Ania's new music video.

Ok, well, we don't have a music video. But this would be a candid from the set of one, if we did.

The song is "Beautiful Life."

Becky, Jen and Anita

One of these lucky three is my roommate. Two are vocal majors, one's an art major and my PR crony.

Together (well, with Kree, who isn't in the picture), we're Flounders First: crusaders for truth, justice, and the Flounders Hall way.

It helps that they're all Hooked on Folk, like me.


Jen, Becky, Krissy, Kree, and Anita

Two drunken sailors, two medieval courtesans, and a wood nymph. Methinks I smell trouble hitting those Pittsford neighborhoods.

Anita wins the Flounders Award for "most original costume."

Karen, Kristin, and Jen


The black wig is from Wegman's.

They still got a queer pleasure from the fact that I did my vacuuming in full costume.

Recognize one of the posters in back of us and get bonus brownie points and free tickets to this summer's Sir Gawain And The Green Knight.


Jon and Rose

No visit is complete without a picture of Rose and her boyfriend Socrates.

Rose is a music major and sits through hours of orchestra practice with me; she plays a mean piccolo.

Socrates is an artist, and his favorite medium is wood.


Mike, Stephanie, Kree, Anita, and Jen

Watch out, girls, you won't see many more pictures of Mike, just 'cause the ones I have he's trying to block himself out of...

Just after he taught us all how to skip stones.

If this were a band, it'd be our cover art.