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channe at clairvaux

gotta love breaks for service!

lynne, april, and kay

the quintessential kay shot


leo joins the fashion show

deacon leo is one of the funniest people on the face of this earth. mike said that at clairvaux he was "on fire," and i agree. i mean- who else would allow us to do something like this, mm?



kay paints a staircase.

she looks great covered in paint.


all the clairvaux farmers

all the clairvauxers, in our froggy bandannas, on the last day of shooting.

remember. FROG. "fully rely on God."

and the first rule of PR: CYB. "cover your butt."

living quarters at clairvaux

clairvaux castmembers/farmers in their natural habitat. community living at its best. unless you sleep next to the girl that snores.

tj and becky

martial-arts and massage guru TJ takes a moment to demonstrate what he does to becky in honors seminar.

i'm serious. i told you we had strange classes at our school.

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