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titan universe "I don't know - I don't know what we're going to find - but we have to go." -Daly's Mission Logs

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    The Vai: After the Calderans and the M'k'k, the third alien race contacted. Those who have seen the Vai report that they are fearsome, grotesque beings.

    The Vai Request: Request for genetic material made by Vai emissaries to the governments of Earth, Mars, and the Breakaway Colonies. The Vai, interested in the human genetic code because of "unusual properties that could be well utilized in medical research," wished to obtain large quantities of the human genome for current and future research projects. In exchange, the Vai would supply Earth with technological secrets ranging from ultra-precise navigation systems and enhanced communication arrays to weapons technology. The price for those secrets would be 10,000 live human subjects. Human rights organizations went mad.

    The Vai Offensive: Hush-hush military operation said to have taken place shortly after the Vai destruction of the Mars transport Joshua Coxx, involving a purge of involved officials, including government officials, geneticists, a shut-down of human scientific work based on the proposed exchange, and an upheaval at Korlei, Magden, and Biaiu company headquarters.

    Joshua Coxx: A passenger liner destroyed by the Vai in retaliation for Earth's refusal of the Vai Request. Along with two other passenger vessels, about a thousand humans and Calderans were killed, including Kaheel's wife and child.

    Calderans: Humanoid alien species. Multicolored eyes and green, strangely composed blood.

    Korlei Biotech: One of Earth's largest genetics researchers. Korlei has secured more contracts with Earth governments, colony governments, and health corporations than any other biotechnology firm, and carries on a good deal of independent research. Korlei also operates the popular Korlembryo Clinics, advising prospective parents of their options and creating embryos to their specifications.

    Ishnu: a newly-mapped planet. Bloodsong: The time from sunset to sunrise in the forests of Ishnu. Named so by the original mappers of the planet Ishnu, who noted the rampant carnivorous activity and strange, human-like howls that fill the night.

    Black Creatures:Laying dormant during the day and coming out into the dark night of Ishnu, these creatures are voracious carnivores, and seem to overpower the Ishnan twilight and normally fairly symbiotic ecosystem. The creatures have six legs, stand at a comparably man-sized five to seven feet tall. The legs are broken into two parts: two powerful hind legs, and four large arm-like limbs, that can be used to run, walk, or, more interestingly, to climb and move among the tall trees of the forests. Thick black hair covers the creatures' bodies.


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