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a number of you should understand this picture - that is, if you saw or participated in the musical "winking in the dark..."

well, he's gone fleeing to peru...

josh and geoff

this is from the summer of '00

my friends were fascinated by the fact that my neighborhood still has an ice-cream man

the nat crowd

nat (the niskayuna acting troupe) provides a place for high-schoolers and college students to truly participate in all aspects of the theater rather than just "be in a play."

when we get together for a party, thus, we tend to play a lot of theater games.

siobhan and brian

siobhan attempts to throw a pita snack into brian's shirt pocket

my dog loved the pita snax (tm) spread all over the backyard the next day...

emily and kit

these girls are great - here we are, ready to go into the salvation army, prop-list in hand

we came out with a toaster