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Moments to remember in my recent theatrical and performance history

Brian and Lauren

Three benches, a suburban franchise diner, and a group of friends whose imaginations aren't limited by the small town around them.

Karate chops ensue, and a producer is upended by a lawyer.


One mind can reach an combined audience of hundreds. It can be expressed, it can reach for new heights with each passing day.

One living room. One keyboard. One good friend. One of the best people I know. After all, the greatest people never think they are.

She's going places.

Lauren, Emily, and Chris

Choreographer. Lighting Designer. Dancing Bear. Putting up with the Stage Goddess can be hard work, but they did it.

Journeys take them different places than home- across the state, across the ocean.

Cast of The Painter

They eat pizza before a performance. Some say this is a jinx.

Time goes by so quickly. This was a time that has passed, a time that will not come again, but tastes sweet in memory.

Brian and Emily

Home wouldn't be home without 'em.

And neither would be meeting Vern on a trip through Brigadoon.

Lauren, Guy, Megan, Corey, ?, Siobhan

Good times to be had, without the aid of electricity. When it rains, it pours, and when it snows, NAT has a snowball fight.

If you're wondering who they are looking at with wonder, it's Brian.


Cast of Winking In The Dark

I directed this crew. Maybe that's why it's all chaotic.

Easily the wierdest and wackiest show put on by NAT at our best venue so far.

The toasters were back, Lord Bane had a hot restaurant, and the kimono showed up everywhere. And what about that drop? Did we really buy that much paint?

It was one of the times of my life.


There's more to come, of course. All my other photos of home are... at home.

My next theatrical venture will be The Quests of Sir Gawain and Sir Gareth, where I am taking the position the Assistant Director.FONT>