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titan/genesis thread resource

currently unanswered questions posed by the story.
What happened to the unknown probe droid that Henderson destroyed on the surface of Ishnu?

Are the six other members of Bravo Team still alive? Or have they been killed, like Tom Horton?

What was the green substance in Henderson's necklace? What happened to Henderson's father when he dissappeared? Why did the Vai want that necklace? Does Kaheel's Calderan blood, which is also green, have any correspondence with Henderson's relic? Or with the green substance Chenei was testing, which was Vai nanotech?

Were the arboreal creatures once human, and if so why are they so violent against their own kind? What is it about Kaheel's blood that makes them frightened?

Who is the old man? What does he have to do with the Vai? Why was he altered by the Vai?

Why did the green substance Chenei was testing - Vai nanotechnology - react so violently when mixed with human blood? And why is she so torn up about it? Where did she get it in the first place, if Vai technology and genetic engineering is banned through Terran holdings?

What is the casket doing in the Vai city? And who died?

What was the Komodo Dragon - did it exist at all, or was it a projection? And if it was a projection, who sent it to lead Henderson to water and to her team?

Who the hell is Krrzkadd? And what does he want with Kaheel? Why is Kaheel special?

Why was Daly left behind in the forest?

What did the Terran military ask Kaheel to do after the dissappearance/death of his wife and child?

Is the fact that the Company hired Daly and Keller after their partipation in the Regulan revolt a factor? What about the Company's negative relations with Regula and the Breakdown Colonies?

Are there still people alive on the ruins of Titan?