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the cryoterrace

the official karen anne website, chock full of interesting images, splendiferous singing, wonderful writing, crazy chums, dreams of dalliance, amusing alliteration, empires of ether and science-fiction living.


Ah, yes, welcome back to The Cryoterrace. As you can see, I updated the design again. The previous design, if you recall, was particularly heavy on the graphics, and in the end was far too much trouble than it was worth to update as much as I wanted to. Plus, updates to *that* site required me to get off my tush, slog over to Carroll, and fire up the old G3's. As slogging over to Carroll during the summer means getting in the car and driving four hours, it's back to good old text-coding for the duration. Sorry about the frames. They're RIP.

This week's treat: Roll your mouse over the picture and get a touch of Springfest in your life.


SHOTS OF SPRINGFEST - Springtime brings with it equal bouts of joy and fear to every college student's life. These pictures are as close as you come to a personal documentary of the insanity, strangeness and twitterpation that can happen when the weather gets warmer and Marriott serves little alien beanbags with its lunches.

CREDIT WHERE IT'S DUE - Karen is *gasp* a published writer. Check out where you can read her fiction, news articles, and funky feature interviews with people like Dr. Clarke Cochran.

SUNDOWN ON ELSINORE - Click here to get to the official site of Ania, the folk group Karen sings with when writing about Macbeth, Hamlet, and women's issues in twentieth-century British literature addles her brain beyond belief. Four-part harmony and intricate instrumentation. Tour schedule coming soon. Depends on your definition of "soon."

SCHOOL MATTERS - Despite popular opinion, Karen does actually study subjects other than Babylon 5, and when the heat is on, she does actually hit the books- with a large sledgehammer. For the ignorant and/or misinformed (she doesn't have a minor in Minbari studies, thank you), here's some updates as to what she's doing schoolwise.

CLAIRVAUX FARM - Thirty college students on Spring Break. One room. One rural homeless shelter. One week of service. Find out what happens when Leo joins the fashion show, Soccer Legs breaks out the Bom-Chica-Wow, and Anita gets a crab.

SHE HAS FRIENDS? - Photos of my dear chums from NAT, Flounders, Club O'Connor, and other various and sundry underground organizations, and their re-lated links.

BABYLON 5 - I have a vice! Ack! It's Babylon 5, only the most well-written, well-thought out and most diabolically wonderful science fiction show on the air. Here's my obligatory fanboy tribute. Even if you don't like B5, IMHO, the pictures and their captions are breathtakingly hilarious.

QUOTES - Occasionally, someone I know will spout something so hilarious, it ends up on my AIM profile. Here's a transcription of those quotes, plus a few philosophical things thrown in for good measure.

THAT'S FILKING AWESOME- Karen learned to play guitar so she could filk. What's filk, you say? Filk is a variation on folk, and it's the music of science-fiction fans everywhere. Sometimes, they're parody songs, and sometimes they're serious; either way, if you're curious, I've posted some of my best filk here. (Hmm, is that why there's not much yet?)

SIR GAWAIN AND THE GREEN BEAN - I'm assitant-directing a musical this summer called Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. I'll place production photos and documentary info here, as I'll also be shooting a production documentary.

YE OLDE BIO - A FAQ I wrote for alt.fandom.karen - should be self-explanatory, ne?