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titan universe "I don't know - I don't know what we're going to find - but we have to go." -Daly's Mission Logs

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    May 2225: Outer Colonies' Civil War (First Breakaway) in full-force. Keller emigrates with her family from Regula on the transport Deimos.

    January 2232: Kaheel emigrates to Earth from his home planet of Calder and joins the Earth military.

    January 2235: First contact with the Vai. They make their infamous Request of the Earth government. The Regulan resistance movement attempts a coup against the Earth provisional government. Korlei Biotech, Inc., begins several top-secret projects.

    July 2235: Detroit Free Press publishes breaking news about the Vai Request; there ensues public outcry and backlash.

    August 2235: Government scientists, techs, and researchers working for leading biotech companies, including Korlei Biotech, begin to dissappear. Among them is geneticist David Henderson. Daly and Keller, working for the Company at the Trevayne facility as security guards, are forced to watch the execution of several Korlei Biotech scientists working on a project they're guarding, and subsequently join the Regulan resistance movement.

    Late August, 2235: Vai attack three near-Earth transports enroute to Mars, among them the transport Joshua Coxx, which has onboard Kaheel's family. 430 souls lost. Seventeen scientists and government officials reported missing at Earthgov. Dr. Lynn Chenei, recent M.D., is promoted to the position formerly held by Dr. David Henderson. Kaheel is reassigned to a special division working with her research department.

    Late October, 2235: Earth puts down the Regulan resistance movement at the Battle of Trevayne. Daly and Keller lose an entire cell to Earth troops, but escape themselves. Contact is lost with the Vai homeworld.

    Early December, 2235: Daly and Keller are re-hired by Korlei Biotech. April, 2250: Dr. Chenei is reassigned to the Titans under the command of James Daly and is dispatched to planet Ishnu.


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