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titan universe "I don't know - I don't know what we're going to find - but we have to go." -Daly's Mission Logs

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  • It was a normal mission. Korlei Corporation Research and Retrieval unit CSS Titans, en route to planet B402C (on the Calderan starmaps, Ishnu), was supposed to pick up a plant specimen and be back at regional base in forty-eight hours. Simple as that.

    Instead, they found themselves fighting a desperate battle for their lives - and for the liberation of a buried truth.

    On the surface of Ishnu lies the key to the dark secret that tugs at the conscience of the corporations. On the surface of Ishnu lies the solution to the twenty-year questions that surrounded the dissappearings and the destruction of humanity, the pain and the suffering that was the Vai Request. On the surface of Ishnu lies one last, final scream of that secret - unless the crew of the Titans can survive, can bring the truth back to a population held hostage by dreams dashed on the shores of the deep.

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